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Welcome to Topaz Class!


Hello Topaz Class! smiley


For the last part of term I am going to look for Star Helpers. Are you helping to look after each other at home and school?


My Star Helper this week is Alice. She has been clearing up other children's paper rubbish, holding open doors and generally trying to help her friends in class.







Summer Term Home Learning: Week 11 6th July


 This week when you are writing, I would like you to think carefully about when to use different punctuation marks: . ! ? and the spelling rules that we have learned for adding suffixes especially: _ed (past tense), _es or _s (plurals), _ing (continuous tense), _ly (adverbs)

There will be lots of opportunities to use your creativity and imagination again as we explore The Enchanted Wood this week. If you want to, you can draw pictures to help your writing ideas! Listen to each chapter before you write. chapter 1


Design your own Enchanted Wood. What would I find if I went there? Describe the setting and tell me what you can see, hear, smell and feel….use your adjectives so that I feel as though I am really there! chapter 2


You live at the top of the Faraway Tree. How do I get up to your home and what will I see on the way up? Describe my journey up the tree....I wonder what your tree looks like and if anything grows on it...? chapter 3

If you were in charge of which creatures and people could live in the tree who would live there?  Draw one of your residents and tell me all about them. chapter 4

What land are you going to visit at the top of tree today?

Write about your adventure: what is the land called? Who do you meet? What happens there? chapter 5

If you could visit any place in the world tomorrow, where would you go and why?




Try to remember:

  • Capital letters at the start of sentences and for proper nouns. 
  • Do not use the word 'and' more than once in the sentence  -remember that you can use commas if you are listing lots of things. 
  • Use adjectives (describing words) to make your sentences more interesting.
  • Read through your work and check spellings as you write each sentence.


An adult can help you make a help mat with spellings for new nouns that you need but you must check that you have used the spellings that you have already learned too.


Remember my top tips for writing:

  • Whenever we are writing we….think – say – write – check.
  • Make sure you read your work out loud and check letters, full stops, finger spaces and that each sentence makes sense.






We are returning to White Rose Maths again this week looking at measures. Year 1 will be looking at money and Year 2 will be looking at mass and capacity.
















Year 1 Maths
Year 2 Maths

Real life problem using mass (weight) and capacity...make a food parcel for Granny!

Fun maths activities if you need some more things to do - work out the clues to solve the mystery!

You should be reading for at least 10 minutes every day to make sure that your reading skills get better and better.  To make sure that you are thinking about what you have read and understand the words, I would like you to choose one reading quiz activity from these suggestions each week.

Topaz chick hatching 2020.mp4

Still image for this video
Mrs Segrave has a special surprise for you Topaz Class!

...other useful links....

  • Reading - There are books available at the Oxford Owl eBook library if you need extra ones to your favourite books at home. It is really good practise to talk to your helping adult about what you have read - check that you know what new words mean and have a think about what is happening in the story...can you guess what might happen next

More spellings if you have already learned the Y1 or Y2 exception words

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