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Welcome to Topaz Class!


It is so nice to see everyone happy and having fun in class! We seem to be getting the hang of our new routines and lessons and remembering our independent learning skills. Well done if you have had a reward buddy this week or earned a 'Star of the Week' certificate. We are really proud of your hard work!

Mrs Sever & Mrs Lake


Parent notices...

  • Thank you to everyone that remembered wellies today. It is helping to keep our carpet clean and the children's feet dry. 
  • Check out suggested top tips for supporting home reading. We know that this can be tricky especially once children become more fluent readers. A parent help sheet will be coming home today and there are some great links below for suggested shared reading activities.
  • Outdoor PE kits will be needed on Monday and Thursday (children should wear them to school and bring their uniform to change into). A few children are missing spare socks and warm tops so please check their kit bags.








Shared home reading links that can be used to start 'book chats' - great for developing comprehension and vocabulary!

Meet the Topaz teaching team

Our learning focus this week:


Maths (White Rose Week 10)

Y1 Geometry - 2D and 3D shapes


Y2 Money - Finding and making amounts


English / History

Writing questions and statements using the correct punctuation mark at the end.

Asking open questions, and follow up questions to find out about what home life used to be like for older people in our family.

Understanding that we can find out about 'things in living memory' by asking people that were there at the time.

English tasks: 

  • What questions could you ask your parents or aunties / uncles to find out about what their family life was like when they were growing up? Write a list and remember to use ? at the end of each question.   
  • Interview the person (this could be online, face to face or by phone) by asking your questions.
  • Write down the information that you found out. 
  • Think of some follow up questions that you could now ask, to find out more details about the things you found out.



Y1 Phase 5 phonemes: ay ou ie ea oy


Y2 Phase 5 phonemes: alternative spellings: oa ow o o_e





Home Learning

These resources are for use at home ONLY if your child is at home self-isolating because they or another family member have a confirmed or suspected case of COVID-19.  If your child is absent from school for other reasons we would not normally expect them to work at home whilst they are absent. 

In the section above we have provided the themes for the current week and you can use any of the internet links provided to support your child at home.

Writing tasks

These prompts can be used to inspire home writing activities. Your child should focus on the learning objectives for this week. Please encourage correct letter formation and sizing and position on the line, using pencil rather than pen.


We will be basing our lessons in school on the White Rose planning structure. You can access video lessons for each day via the links below.  Sheets to go alongside the lessons will be updated weekly and there are also some extra sheets which will provide additional practice of key skills if you would like to do these. 

Y1 will be working on their knowledge of 2D and 3D shapes.  You can use lessons from week 10 to support home learning.  Please note that we will do 2D shapes on Monday and Tuesday and 3D shapes on Wednesday and Thursday, which is a different order to the WR videos.

Y2 will be working on Money.  You can use lessons from week 10 to support home learning.

Year 1 Maths
Year 2 Maths

Topaz Class timetable

Meet the teacher Topaz Class presentation

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