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Welcome to Topaz Class!


Hello Topaz Class! smiley


Well everyone, it is Easter holiday time starting tomorrow and I know that many families are planning to take some time off work and that includes you too Topaz Class! 


After Easter, I will be putting new home learning activities up for maths, writing, reading and practical learning activities. We are also bringing back Star of the Week which I will be awarding for:

Star WriterStar Mathematician plus Star Helper.

My Star Helper award will be given to someone that has been nominated by their family for being super kind, considerate or hardworking at home. Maybe you have been helping in the garden, or tidying your room or doing lovely things for your parents, brothers or sisters... I want to hear what you have been up to!



Enjoy a lovely Easter break and stay safe. 







THIS WEEK.....See how many of these garden birds you can spot. Maybe you could send me a picture and a caption about what they were doing when you saw them.

Also, many birds are nest building at the moment. The RSPB website suggests some things that you can collect and leave outside to help the birds out...

If you need some more things to do or want to try something different.....

  • Reading - There are books available at the Oxford Owl eBook library if you need extra ones to your favourite books at home. It is really good practise to talk to your helping adult about what you have read - check that you know what new words mean and have a think about what is happening in the story...can you guess what might happen next?
  • Maths - Year 2s, you have lots of activities that you can practise on Mathletics. Year 1s, you can try some of these maths games   

Otherwise, practise your counting patterns: 2s, 5s, 10s.


  • Spelling - Please try and practise some spellings while you are at home. You should have your own spelling lists in your homework folders but if you cannot find them, there are Year 1 and Year 2 spelling lists below.  There are also some fun spelling games that will help you learn some of the tricky spelling rules:  

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