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Design and Technology

At Harston & Newton Community Primary School, we want our children to understand how design and technology (DT) influences the way that different people live and how product innovation improves our access to the wider world and can enable us to understand it better.

We want our children to develop a critical view of products, the materials they use and the purpose they serve so that they can make informed purchasing choices and actively participate in an increasingly technological world.

Knowledge of food production and cooking are key life skills that help children to be healthy and support sustainable food sources. We want to develop our children’s enjoyment of cooking and experience of different foods so they can create their own nutritional and appealing meals in the future.

Manufacturing methods and product materials used are increasingly being evaluated by their impact on climate change. We think it is important for our children to be enabled to make responsible decisions in their role as global citizens about the ways in which they can help protect our environment.


Implementation of the curriculum:


We will teach children the three main disciplines of DT: planning and design, making products (using mechanisms, food technology, combining and joining materials) and product evaluation. We will also teach children about the historical impact of key designers and their innovative ideas.


These aspects of the curriculum are taught across all key stages with emphasis moving from exploration and imitation in the early ages to product innovation, development and critical evaluation in later years.


Progression of key skills has been mapped across all year groups and the statements of expected attainment are used by teachers to plan appropriate projects for their classes and to assess the children’s completed work.

Class teachers timetable DT lessons each half term which follow a two year planning cycle to accommodate our mixed age classes and ensure that we cover all of the 2014 Curriculum learning objectives. Where possible, class teachers link DT projects to class topics to allow children to make links between different areas of their learning and help them understand the geographical, cultural and historical influences on products and design.

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