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REMOTE PE LEARNING - Home activities 2021 (Updated Dec 2021)

As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic we have created a large number of remote learning activities and resources available via the links below.



Please follow the weekly plan for PE at Home as listed below (PE AT HOME - WHAT TO DO), taking note of the safety precautions for participating in PE at home.


These activities are for the children to stay active and stimulated whilst learning from home if unable to be in school. There will be links to online resources and videos, and documents that can be downloaded and used at home if you wish. These will all aim to work towards the government target of 60 Active Minutes a day.


Normally school is responsible for offering chances for 30 Active Minutes in the form of break & lunchtime play and things like Daily Mile runs and children are expected to complete the remaining 30mins while at home, as part of their walk/cycle to school or at a community sports club/session.  While some of these things can't be done at the moment this target is still going to be very important not just to keep children active, but also to help maintain the whole family's mental & physical health by doing something different, active and hopefully outdoors where possible. 


Safety when doing PE at home

Parents and carers are responsible for ensuring that children follow the correct safety advice provided at the start of any activity and the instructions the leader or information gives for the activity. Also that children are wearing appropriate clothing to take part in each activity and have sufficient space to do the task safely. Parents and carers are responsible for supervising activities where required and for seeking medical advice in advance if your child has a medical condition that may prevent them taking part in physical activity.



  • You must have a grown up with you when you do your home PE (maybe they could join in!)
  • The activities should take place in a space big enough for you to move around safely (preferably outside where possible, and including above your head!). 
  • Ensure your space is safe for you to exercise in - make sure there is nothing you could fall over or into nearby and hurt yourself.
  • Use non slip trainers on your feet
  • Make sure the floor is not slippery and doesn't have anything sharp lying on it
  • Wear comfortable clothing, and put hair up (if needed) and remove any jewellery/ watches etc.


PE AT HOME - WHAT TO DO - Click here!

Half Termly Class Challenges:

These  challenges are ongoing for this whole half term. If you would like to share your efforts with us then please send in pictures to Mr Cox and he will post them on the website. Please advise if you do not wish the photos to be used on the school twitter feed as well.


ALL CHILDREN - Healthy Selfie challenge! Can you take a photo of yourself taking part in some physical activity and send it in? All pictures will feature on a special Healthy Selfie PE page. 


AMBER & TOPAZ CLASS - How fast can you get changed? Are you a "Champion Changer" and get changed in under 5 minutes? For this task you need to change out of your pyjamas or clothes and put on: socks, bottoms (your choice e.g. trousers/leggings/tracksuit/joggers etc), t-shirt, long sleeved top of some sort and a pair of trainers. Race against a family member to go faster! Bonus points for extra layers if you are going outside! 


EMERALD CLASS -  How fast can you get changed? Can you beat 4 minutes? For this task you need to change out of your pyjamas or clothes and put on: socks, bottoms (your choice e.g. trousers/leggings/tracksuit/joggers etc), t-shirt, long sleeved top of some sort and a pair of trainers. Race against a family member to go faster!  Bonus points if you can run and get a drink of water and get your coat on before the time runs out!


SAPPHIRE CLASS - How many 5m shuttle runs can you complete in 30seconds? Set out two markers 5m apart and time yourself running between them for 30 seconds. How fast can you move? Challenge a family member to run against and try to beat them!


AMETHYST CLASS - How many Mountain Climber exercises can you do in 30 seconds? watch the clip to see how to do this and then see how many "reps" you can do in 30 seconds. One "rep" is both feet going back and forth. Challenge a family member and try to beat them!



  • The Joe Wicks physical activity sessions are available on his "Bodycoach" Youtube channel and they are particularly good for children of all ages and adults alike for working at a medium to high intensity for 20-30mins:
  • Cosmic Kids Yoga is another option for YouTube based physical activity as well mindfulness training - this is more of a low-medium intensity activity and particularly good for Reception/KS1 and lower KS2 with yoga moves put to a story or theme to make it more engaging:
  • The Change 4 Life pages are also very good for all round advice and ideas for maintaining a healthy lifestyle - games, recipes, activities and information about healthy living. The 10minute Shake Up games are great for finding something fun to do as a break in your on-line learning and working towards your 60 Active Minutes:
  • Go Noodle is worth a visit for some energising Dance videos to follow and dance to, with the Blazer Fresh crew being particularly fun and not needing much space (Banana Banana Meatball is my favourite!):
  • The Youth Sport Trust (YST) have an excellent range of Primary PE challenges across a wide variety of types of PE and you can choose from a number of activity cards and challenge videos here:
  • 60 Second Challenges - also from the YST - a great place to find simple challenges to do either for fun or try to set personal bests or even compete against a family member!
  • The YST also have a 30minute activity session which they were streaming daily on YouTube all through last year as an After School Club activity and are available as an activity session covering lots of different sports and activities: 

See below for more links and further ideas.. Please check back for updates.


Keep smiling, be safe & stay active! 

South Cambs School Sports Partnership - Being Active at Home

Youth Sport Trust - Stay Active - Resource ideas

Other activities
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