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Reading at Harston and Newton

Our Intent

Harston and Newton Community Primary School is passionate about ensuring that that every child will learn to read, regardless of background, needs or abilities. Children will be exposed to a wealth of stories, poems, rhymes and non-fiction throughout their time at school to develop their vocabulary, language comprehension and engender a genuine love of reading and a keen interest in a range of texts. We aim to inspire them to become life-long readers who enjoy books and have a desire to read for pleasure.


In order for the children to have the will to read, and be able to read to learn, they need to have secure skills in reading so that they can read with fluency and comprehension. Reading is at the heart of our whole curriculum underpinning every subject area. We want every child to read widely, and to gain a rich knowledge across the curriculum. By offering a wide range of texts we aim to broaden their minds and experiences to allow them to empathise with the world in which they live and support the development of their cultural capital. Reading is such an important life skill that it is imperative we enable them to become independent readers who can easily process information, fully engage in all learning and be well prepared for their next stage of their education.

Examples of reading inspired activites

Reading Domain Icons

Harston loves reading!

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