Harston and Newton Community Primary School
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Staff members

Headteacher - Mrs Siobhan Rouse

Assistant Head - Ms Amy Luu

SENCO - Mrs Nina Sever


Mrs Samantha Pluck - Amber Class teacher (Reception and Year 1)
Mrs Nina Sever – Topaz Class teacher  (Year 1 and 2)
Mrs Janette Evely – Emerald Class teacher (Year 2 and 3)
Ms Amy Luu/Miss Dorka Nemes – Opal Class teacher (Year 4 job share)
Mrs Vera Lake - Sapphire Class teacher (Year 5 )
Miss Stephanie Davis – Amethyst Class teacher (Year 6)
Mr Brad Cox – Specialist PE teacher
Mrs Siobhan Lihoreau – Specialist Music teacher

Teaching Assistants
Mrs Priyanka Agrawal - Teaching Assistant

Mrs Julie Chapman – Teaching Assistant

Mrs Fiona Dennison – Teaching Assistant

Mrs Sarah Douglas – Teaching Assistant and ICT support

Mrs Sarah Jones – Teaching Assistant

Mr Stephen Macey - Teaching Assistant

Mrs Vanessa Mann - Teaching Assistant
Miss Helen Pluck – Teaching Assistant

Mrs Isabel Powell - Teaching Assistant
Mrs Debbie Segrave – Teaching Assistant

Peripatetic Music Staff
Mrs Siobhan Lihoreau - Piano and Trumpet
Mrs Jane Mayo - Piano and Recorder
Mrs Margaret Scourse - Violin
Ms Rebecca Robinson - Drums
Mr Tom Cory - Guitar

Ms Alison Townend - Saxophone, Flute, Clarinet


Breakfast Club
Mrs Gillie Pluck – Breakfast Club Leader
Mrs Sarah Douglas – Breakfast Club Assistant
Mrs Lynda Schoepp – Breakfast Club Assistant

Rainbow Club
Mrs  Katherine Cobbald – After School Club Manager

Mrs Lynda Schoepp- After School Club Manager
Mr Oliver Dennison - After School Club Play Worker

Mrs. Naomi McKenna - After School Club Play Worker

Mr Stephen Macey - After School Club Play Worker

Miss Elisse Schoepp - After School Club Play Worker


Mrs Katherine Cobbald – Kiddiwinks Manager
Mrs. Naomi McKenna - Kiddiwinks Play Worker
Mrs Kordula Paton – Kiddiwinks Play Worker
Mrs Kate Clark – Kiddiwinks Play Worker (Relief)

Office staff
Mrs Karen Ager – School Administrator
Mrs Heather Morris – Administration Assistant
Mrs Gillie Pluck – Office Assistant

Catering and lunchtime staff
Cook - Bharati Haulkory

Catering Assistant - Anika Bushell
Mrs Gillie Pluck – Senior Midday Supervisor
Mrs Jill Saunders – Midday Supervisor
Mrs Sarah Jones – Midday Supervisor
Mrs Theresa Carter – Midday Supervisor

Mr Simon Cassidy - Caretaker
Mrs Diane Poulter – Cleaner

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