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Home Pentathlon Instructions

As part of National School Sport Week at Home 2020 we are running an Inter-House event this week which can be done from home.  Normally the children participate in 2-3 interhouse events per term so I am pleased to be able to offer this event as an alternative to those we’ve not been able to do.  It is a Home Pentathlon which has been set up by an organisation called Sportshall Athletics who specialise in indoor athletics competitions for children. We have now extended this an extra week to end Sunday 5th July!


There are 5 events, each with an accompanying video clip to demonstrate how to perform and score the activity.  We would really like as many children as possible to participate so please do try to send in your results.  If you would like to send in photos or video clips as well for us to share online then these would also be very welcome, but this is not essential, the main thing is to take part and send in results via the linked Results form (see below).  For each event the time/distance/amount they score is given points, if you would like to find out their total score there is also a Google Sheets/Excel score sheet they have created to help calculate it yourself (you enter the results and it works it out for you). This is not essential to do though if you don’t want to/can’t access it so long as you just enter your results into the final Results form linked below so I receive them and can enter them into my master scoresheet.


They are all easy to set up and score, though for the Vertical Jump I would recommend going for the simple option of using two pieces of duct tape rather than printing a scale (see video) – it’s easier to do and just as effective and duct tape holds its stickiness better for multiple attempts. Please follow the Steps below to take part.


For KS1 (YR-YR2 please adapt Speed Bounce if they need to by using something lower to the ground and not as wide for them to bounce over (e.g. skipping rope stretched out). Also for Target Throw please adjust the distances to 2m and 4m for them as well if preferred.


Those children in school will be doing the Speed Bounce and Standing Long Jump within PE as time allows, so the remaining events will need to be completed at home (they can redo these at home as well if they wish to – I will use whichever score is best).  


So in short:

Step 1 – watch/read the instructions and then go on to Step 2 if you want to calculate your own overall score, or straight to Step 3 if you don’t.



INSTRUCTION PDF (written version of videos if you can’t access them):


Step 2 (OPTIONAL) - this is if you want to work out your final score and can be opened as an excel spreadsheet for computer use or Google Sheets if you are using your mobile.




Step 3 – grab a pen/pencil & some paper to jot down results or your laptop/tablet/mobile if you are inputting them into a downloaded Scoresheet - then go and do the events!


Step 4 - click on the link below to send in your results (this will need to be repeated if  you have more than one child entering)


RESULTS FORM (essential to actually enter your scores for our Interhouse competition):


For anyone wanting more details and to see how you can also log your scores into a national primary leaderboard then please go here: - please note their instructions are set up to link  into their national competition so may differ slightly to those I have given for our school Interhouse event.


Please can all results be sent in via the by the end of Sunday 5th July, any sent after this date might not be included. Results will be announced Tuesday 7th July. If you would like to share photos or video clips (not essential) then please send them directly to me: .


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