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Rainbow club

 Welcome to Rainbow Club



Our values at Rainbow Club:

- To provide a caring environment where children are happy and feel safe


We have 3 year 11 student from Sawston Village College who volunteer for an hour as they're working towards their Bronze Duke of Edinburgh.


The Rainbow team:

- Lynda S (leader)

- Elisse S  (play worker)

- Stephen M (play worker)

- Michelle P (play worker)

- Fiona D (play worker)

- Elle M (play worker)


Rainbow Club times:

- Session 1 - 3:20-4:30pm

- Session 2 - 4:30-5:30pm

- Session 3 - 5:30-6:00pm

Prices are £5 per session or £2.50 for a half session


Our weekly planning is always available in the mobile, please have a look

Rainbow club welcome board

Week commencing 28/11/2022:


Our theme this week has been the World Cup. 

We have made:

- Posters

- World Cup Stadiums

- Lego Models

- Football Kits


We have also:

- Decorated the Holiday Tree

- Paper Chains

- Played Indoor Party Games


The children have had a very busy week. 

They enjoyed decorating Iced Football Biscuits with sprinkles.


Have a lovely weekend,

Lynda and the Rainbow Team

Football Theme


Week commencing 21/11/2022:


This week our theme was the Romans.

We made:

- Shields

- Origami Roman Boats

- Construction of aqueducts

- Mosaics

- Pots

- Star pictures


We also made a replica of Mount Vesuvius and conducted a vinegar and bicarbonate of soda science experiment.


We hope you have a lovely weekend,

Lynda and the Rainbow team

Mount Vesuvius


Week commencing 14/11/22:


Last week our theme was the Egyptians. 


We made:

- Pyramids

- Mummies

- Sarcophaguses

- Crossing the Nile game

- Turtles

- Torch fun on the playground


We hope you've had an enjoyable week and have a restful weekend.

Lynda and the Rainbow Team.




Snack Food

The past two weeks we have been on Safari and in the Rainforest.


Hope you have a lovely weekend,


Lynda and the Rainbow team.



Week Commencing 17/20/2022:


This week our theme has been Under the Sea and Diwali.


We have made:


- Fish Aquariums

- Starfish

- Bubble pictures

- Mermaids

- Diwali Firework pictures


Elisse also made flapjacks. The children also did some maths and construction.


We hope you have a lovely week off and look forward to having you back.


Lynda and the Rainbow team




Bubble pictures



Week commencing 10/10/2022:


This week our theme has been space.


This week we have made:

- Rockets to the moon

- Planets

- Shooting stars

- Space pizzas

- Wish-upon-a-stars

- Construction

- Conker meteors


We hope you have a lovely weekend,

Lynda and the Rainbow team.


Shooting stars

Space pizzas



Week commencing 03/10/2022:


Our theme this week was Harry Potter.

We have made:

- Wands

- Dragons

- Cats

- Hedwigs

- Dens

- Crowns


- We played with glitter play dough


- We also had a week of treats, we iced biscuits and Elisse made a treasure hunt with a special snack as a prize.


We hope you have had a lovely week and enjoy your weekend,


Lynda and the Rainbow team





Glitter play dough

Den making



Baby Yoda extra

Week Commencing 26/9/2022:


Our theme for this week has been Harvest Festival fun.

We have had a busy week, the children have enjoyed:

- Harvest posters

- Autumn wreaths

- Harvest poems

- Basket weaving

- Forest school

- Digging for gold

- Rope balancing 

- Mud kitchen

We also had bread making on Friday, hosted by Alice and Dany's mum Raquel.


We hope you have had a lovely week, 

Lynda and the Rainbow team.

Harvest Posters

Basket Weaving and Harvest extras

Mud Kitchen

Bread Making with Raquel

Week Commencing 20/09/2022:


This week at Rainbow club we drew pictures of our dream jobs for the Tree of Dreams.

Children wanted to be vets, artists, and scientists, to name a few.

When we were in Forest School we were digging for 'gold' and creating ramps to explore.


Hope you have a nice weekend,


Lynda and the Rainbow team


Leaf Patterns

Tree of Dreams

Last Friday Elisse made apple crumble which the children enjoyed

Week commencing 12/09/2022:


This week has been a very busy week at Rainbow Club.

Our indoor activities have been:


-Favourite books




-Lots of board games




Book Covers


Week commencing 05/09/2022:


This week at Rainbow Club we have been:

- Playing indoors and outdoors

- Building towers

- Creating self-portraits on plates


Next week we will start having themed weeks. 

The children are also looking forward to cooking.

Plate portraits

Block towers

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