Harston and Newton Community Primary School
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Rainbow club

 Welcome to Rainbow Club



Our values at Rainbow Club:

- To provide a caring environment where children are happy and feel safe

On Mondays we have 1 year 11 student from Sawston Village College who volunteer for an hour as they're working towards their Bronze Duke of Edinburgh


The Rainbow team:

- Lynda S (leader)

- Elisse S  (play worker)

- Stephen M (play worker)

- Michelle P (play worker)

- Sean C (play worker)


Rainbow Club times:

- Session 1 - 3:20-4:30pm

- Session 2 - 4:30-5:30pm

- Session 3 - 5:30-6:00pm

Prices are £5 per session or £2.50 for a half session


Our weekly planning is always available in the mobile, please have a look

Rainbow club welcome board

Week commencing 27/06/22:


This week we have been doing various activities all to do with Arts and Crafts.


We hope you have a lovely weekend,


from Lynda and the team.


Flower Pictures

Invention Pictures

Inspirational Season Pictures

Rainbow Pictures

Week commencing 20/06/2022


This week our theme has been VARIOUS craft activities.


The children have created some wonderful BANKSY inspired pieces. Plus, they have invented different pretend robots, and tricycles.


We hope you have a lovely week,

from Lynda and the team.

BANKSY pictures



Week commencing 13/6/22:


This week we have been doing:


- Star constellations

- Various other activities


We also visited forest school.


We hope you have a lovely weekend,

Lynda and the team



Forest School

Construction Play

Week commencing 7/6/22:


Our theme this week

Has been welcoming the children back to school


We have had really good fun in forest school

The children have enjoyed:






We hope you have a lovely weekend

Lynda and the team

Forest School

Our theme for the last two weeks has been the Queen's Platinum Jubilee.


We hope you have a relaxing half term break.


From, Lynda and the Rainbow team.




Jubilee Firework Pictures

Various Colouring Pictures

Fingerprint Flags

Fun and Games

Week commencing 9th May 2022:


The theme this week has been Harston and Newton Primary School


This the week the children have been busy drawing, sketching and building models of Harston and Newton.


We have had great designs of the school building using A4 paper plus outlining and drawing a picture of the school on a larger piece of paper. This will be displayed in the entrance to the mobile when it has been completed.


Some children have shared their favourite memories of the school during a show and tell session. This will be continued next week.

Sketching Pictures of the School

Models of the School

Daisy Chains

Week commencing 3rd May 2022:


Our theme this week has been Minibeasts.

This week the children have made:




-A giant spider's web outside

-Construction play with soft play items



The apparatus remains a firm favourite as well as 4-square


Next week we will be trying cricket and rounders.




Construction Play

Miscellaneous fun

Friday fruit salad

Week commencing 25/04/22


Our theme this week has been Circus fun.

We have:

- made clowns

- made lions

- the children made a tent using the parachute

- created candy floss pictures

- walked the tightrope on the apparatus

- done juggling tricks

- iced clown biscuits

- played with hula hoops

- made circus tickets


Enjoy the holiday weekend,


from Lynda and the team

Clown pictures

Lion pictures

Parachute circus tent

Tightrope walking

Candy floss pictures

Circus hats

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