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Mrs Jones is our teaching assistant and Ms Evely is our teacher Tuesday to Friday. Mr Douglas is our teacher on Mondays.

We have PE on Tuesdays and Thursdays with Mr Cox.

Please come dressed in your PE kit on Tuesdays.

On Thursdays, come to school in your uniform and bring your PE kit with you.

On Wednesday 14th September, we had a fantastic Stone Age morning, learning what life might have been like for Stone Age people.  The children rose to the challenge and we used as many natural materials as they could.  

We were hunter-gatherers and picked fruit at the orchard.  The children sliced up the apples with antlers and cooked it over the fire, with blackberries.



The children whittled sticks with flint to make spears for fishing.  








In the afternoon, the children  crafted bows and gather blunt sticks for arrows.  We have told the children that they are weapons and they are not to create these at home, unless they ask an adult.  The spears, bows and arrows that they have made will all remain in school and will become part of our display. 

The children have really risen to the occasion to make this a great day of learning in role!

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