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THURSDAY - last Joke of the Day until after the Easter Holidays

THURSDAY - last Joke of the Day until after the Easter Holidays 1

Good morning gang! 


It's officially the Easter holidays.  A huge well done for your home learning during this time.  I bet some days have been better than others - I think that's pretty normal.  Maybe you have done lots of writing, daily Maths exercises, science investigations, reading for hours on end.  Maybe you have spent days in the garden inspecting the corners, creating bug hotels (George!), planting, digging...  Maybe you have you been baking (Josh and Luke!). Perhaps you have been allowed lots of extra screen time because your grown-ups are trying to work, or they just need to have a cup of tea and some thinking time of their own.  I bet you have found some great new websites that you never knew existed!  Have you been doing painting, drawing, colouring, puzzles, building, sewing, board games, Lego, role play with dolls and teddies?  Which toys have you rediscovered at the bottom of the toy box or back of the cupboard?


Regardless of what you have been doing, don't forget you are constantly learning:  learning new skills, problem solving, negotiating with others (=trying not to argue and fight), time-management (when will I use my screen time?), learning new vocabulary, using your physical skills (a PE lesson in your front room with Joe Wicks!).


I bet you have really impressed your grown-ups, as you have shown them skills you have that they never knew about!  My boys surprise me daily and I ask myself, 'When did they learn that?'  Also, I bet your grown-ups have discovered things they want to help you with.  It's very special when we see children learn amazing new skills and we think: 'I helped you learn that!'  That's how I feel when I get to teach you lovely lot. smileysmileysmiley  


This will be my last daily message until we return on April 20th.  I will miss writing my daily message and posting our Joke of the Day, but it is important that we all take a break.  I certainly will be thinking about you all and wondering how you are getting on. 


I have one VERY BIG challenge for you:

Try to enjoy this holiday time with your people at home, even when they annoy you.  If you want to scream and shout, stop for a moment and think of one nice thing about them, then it's hard to stay annoyed.


Very best wishes to you all,

Ms Evely smiley


Maths SUPER CHALLENGES - To return after the Easter Holidays

Maths SUPER CHALLENGES - To return after the Easter Holidays 1 Did anyone manage to solve it?


These are very tricky problems.  I am certainly not expecting you to solve them!  In my house we've been working together to try to figure them out.  Sometimes I even get my first answer wrong!  Remember, it's not always about finding the final answer, practising your problem solving skills is just as important.  Have fun!




What will your personal challenges be this week?  What would you like to learn?

You can take a photo of one of your achievements at the end of the week and share it with your classmates on our EMERALD WALL OF FAME!

Picture 1


Aylin has created this fantastic game on Scratch:

Can anyone beat my score of 30?

Which projects can you create?  If anyone manages to create a game, email me the link and I can post it for others to play.  Thank you Aylin for inspiring us!

Also, here is a link to files of the songs we have rehearsed for a concert - you may like to sing along!


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