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Welcome to Pre-School

We believe children learn well when they are happy. We aim to provide an environment where children learn through play and also participate in adult-led activities. We promote high levels of positive self-esteem and self -confidence, by encouraging children to try new activities and to develop relationships with adults and children outside of their immediate family circle.
     We recognise that parents are the primary educators of their child, and it is important that parents feel included and involved in the development of their child while at Pre-School. We encourage strong parent links, and each child is allocated a key worker that you are welcome to speak to at any time. Each term we provide a formal opportunity for parents to meet with their child’s key worker to review progress and look at the child’s learning journal.
     We aim to provide:

  • a positive, happy, safe, caring and stimulating environment; and
  • a balance of child-initiated and well-planned activities carefully based on the child’s individual developmental needs.
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