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Welcome to Sapphire Class 2020-2021!


Welcome to Sapphire Class -  home to enthusiastic Year 5s and 4s! 


We have got off to a great start with our return to school and settling into new school routines.  The children have been working really hard to remember to follow our hygiene and bubble guidelines and this will continues to get easier with time.


I am sorry that we cannot hold our usual "Meet the Teacher" evening but hope that you find the video below and presentation slides helpful.


If you have any questions, please do ask or arrange an appointment with the office if you would like to meet ahead of the parent consultations later this term.


Best wishes, 

Miss Davis  


Important Information



Sapphire Meet the Teacher video

Still image for this video

Sapphire Meet the Teacher presentation

Home Learning Resources

These resources are intended to be used by pupils who have to self-isolate from school due to COVID-19.  For those pupils who stay home from school due to other illnesses, we do not usually send home additional work.


These resources will be uploaded by the end of 23 September 2020.

Suggested timetable for home-school learning

If your child needs to self-isolate but is not feeling unwell themselves, you may find this a helpful way to organise their days at home. 


There is a separate document for Year 5 and Year 4 as some of the links included are different. 


With the exception of the Maths activities (which link to the daily work in school thanks to White Rose), please start the other curriculum tasks from Day 1 regardless of the school day the children are absent.  Enough work has been provided to last for a two-week isolation period. 

English activities

Writing – the writing activities are stand-alone tasks and will enable your children to practice and consolidate their English skills while being absent from school.  Please email the completed tasks by 12pm on Friday.


Spelling – the weekly learning journal for Y5 will be uploaded to the class website so you can find out what this week’s words are.


Reading – in addition to the daily reading, if your child is off school for at least 5 days, please complete two reading comprehension activities a week.  There are separate tasks for Y5 and Year 4 and the answers are provided in the document.




There will be a daily video on the White Rose website, which will match the content of the lessons in school.  

The relevant worksheets for each lesson in the week that your child is off will be uploaded here to the class webpage and it will be clear which week’s videos you need to watch to accompany that lesson.


W/C 23.11.20

Year 5 are working from White Rose Week 11: Perimeter 

Week 11 - Measurement: Perimeter & Area | White Rose Maths 


Year 4 are working from White Rose Week 11: multiplication and division 


Please take a photo of the completed Maths sheets and email them by Friday 12pm.


Year 5 quick arithmetic

I have also made a document for Year 5s which will help the children to keep practicing their arithmetic skills.  Each set of questions should take no more than 10 minutes to answer and answers are provided in the document.   



Other subjects



Oak National Academy have made a series of short online Geography lessons all about Local Fieldwork which matches the topic we are learning about in school.  While the lessons might not be an exact match – they will allow the children to keep learning new things. 

Please complete these lessons in order (as shown in the timetable) and each session should take around 30-40 minutes to complete.



While it is not possible to match the content of our in-school science lessons to home-school learning, Oak National Academy have made a series of informative lessons about significant scientists. 

Please complete one lesson each week (as shown in the timetable) to find out about key members of the scientific community and why they are/were so important.  Each lesson should take around 30-40 minutes to complete. 

Weblinks you may find helpful

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