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Daily routine

The structure of the sessions has been chosen to give children an opportunity to enjoy stimulating activities.  There are times for them to follow their adult-led activity and times to play independently or with friends.
     We encourage a free-flow environment, which means that children can move between different activities and follow their interests. A range of different activities are set up each day in the classroom and in the outdoor learning area, and children can move between the two areas during the session.
     Parents collect their child from Pre-School at the end of their session, when the parents have time to talk to their child's keyworker.

8.50 - 9.00                     Children arrive
9.00                                  Register and phonics input
Activity time, includes adult- and child-led activities.

                                           Free flow outside and rolling snack
11.45                                 Tidy-up time followed by story session
12.00                                Lunchtime followed by free play

1.00                                  Afternoon session begins
2.50                                  End of the day story time
3.00                                  Home time

     Mrs Mayo, a specialist music teacher, joins us from 9.05 -9.20 a.m. on Thursday morning and from 10.15-10.30 a.m. on Friday morning each week.
     Children are encouraged and reminded to use the toilet and their potties throughout the day. Children in nappies will be changed throughout the day.

     We promote healthy eating and encourage parents to pack a healthy snack for their child’s session.
     Please ensure your child’s belongings our named, such as snack/lunch box, water bottle, coats and footwear.


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