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Clothing for hot weather

Dear Parents and Carers ,

The Met Office has issued a Red Weather Warning for extremely high temperatures on Monday and Tuesday. The advice from the DfE and the local authority is that schools remain open. At Harston and Newton we are very fortunate to have a large field, with reasonable amounts of shade, and a relatively cool school building. 

   I have carried out a risk assessment, following the guidelines from the Local Authority Health and Safety team, and I am asking for your co-operation with the following points.

  • All children need to bring a water bottle to school next week and will be able to re-fill it during the day. 
  • Please ensure that you have put sun cream on your child before they come to school. Children can bring in sun cream to re-apply at lunchtime or after a swimming lesson, but they must be able to do this themselves.
  • All children should bring and wear a wide-brimmed hat or cap to help prevent sunburn.
  • On Monday and Tuesday, in accordance with DFE guidelines, we are relaxing uniform rules and children may wear "loose, light, coloured clothing" if they wish to help keep cool. This needs to be appropriate for school and not leave their skin overly exposed to the sun. Shoulders must be covered and there are to be no crop tops, very short shorts or strappy tops. Children can wear school uniform if they wish to, but will not need jumpers and cardigans.
  • If your child is due to have a swimming lesson, please include a tee-shirt with their swimming kit, to wear over their costume. We hope to carry on with swimming sessions as usual, but will need to make an assessment before each lesson, based on the weather conditions at the time.
  • If the temperatures are as high as predicted, children will be encouraged to stay in the shade and not to play running about games at break or lunchtime.

Thank you for your support with these points, which are designed to keep your children safe. 


Siobhan Rouse 

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