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Welcome to Jade Class!



Jade Class is home to our wonderful Year 3s. 


Teacher: Mrs Fewster

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Lee


Timetable Update:


PE lessons will continue on Thursdays with Mr Cox. Please note that swimming lessons will also take place this term on Tuesdays and Fridays.



Summer Term 2017


 'Extreme Earth'


Our topic this term is 'Extreme Earth' in which we are finding out about the physical geography of our planet and the destructive powers of nature, from volcanoes and earthquakes to tsunamis and tornadoes. Through discussion and practical tasks, children will learn about how and why these natural phenomena occur, and the ways in which they affect people and the environment. We will learn about the climate and weather in different regions and compare them to our own local environment.



We have learned how volcanoes are formed and where different volcanoes are located. We researched and made our own 'Ring of Fire' with explosive results. 

Rocks and Soils


We have been investigating the properties of different rocks in Science. We have tested them for permeability, hardness and observed them closely to see if they dissolve in vinegar. 




We know that there are three types of rocks: metamorphic, sedimentary and igneous rocks.


We made models of sedimentary rocks that show the layers of dead plants and animals and small pieces of rocks. 




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